Weighted Blankets Allow You to Sleep to Wake Up Naturally, Want One?

In order to provide people with better sleep quality and home environment, all the textile brands are competing to launch related series of bedding products, such as rubber memory pillows, duvets, sponge mattresses, cheap weighted blankets and so on. Next, please ask Mageblanket, a cross-border bedding brand, to analyze the market evaluation of this product.

The broad market prospect of weighted blanket

According to the survey, the global demand for bedding sets is huge. The annual international demand for home textiles is 100 billion US dollars. Among them, North America, the European Union and Japan are the traditional home textile consumer markets, accounting for about 45% of the market share and higher in previous years. Because emerging markets are growing, the share of bedding products in developed countries has declined slightly in recent years. The demand for 15 lb weighted blankets has grown rapidly in some emerging economies, including Russia, ASEAN, South Asia, and the Middle East. As far as the data is concerned, the demand market for premium home textiles is a stable and mature market, and it is a rising market. Demand of weighted blanket target is stable and the prospects are very good.

According to the current market situation, in which regions does your company’s products have a large proportion of sales?

The sales of Mageblanket products are very good overseas. The bedding products developed by this company can meet the consumption needs of foreign consumers, and the orders are also growing substantially. Especially the gravity blanket for anxiety series products can effectively improve the quality of sleep and relieve stress. It is highly praised by consumers, 80% of which are exported to Europe, America, Middle East, South Korea and other countries and regions.

What are the customer requirements for packaging and transportation of bedding sets?

Our website will select different courier companies according to the special requirements of customers. In general, customers can specify logistics and transportation, and we also recommend customers to use our company’s recommended logistics channels.

In addition, we will carry out dustproof, waterproof and anti-pressure treatment on the product packaging, and we will also customize different transportation packages according to customer needs, so as to facilitate transportation.


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