Fake fur is in vogue. Also models in leather and the thick down can be found in the trade: this winter there is not one trend model under the cloaks, but a large number. Experts give an overview.

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The winter fashion is in the trade – including of course the winter coats. But the selection in the expenses and the online pages is great despite the again and again cited trends of a season. moncler jackets mens sale, Just when the coats there not now currently a warm and big fashion hit. But this is a good news: so, actually every woman will find the piece appropriate to their style and their character. An overview:

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The classics – the coat in narrow cuts: “There’s a whole range of game types in this season”, explains staff Shopper in Andrea Lake Mountain from Berlin. “For example the classic Blazer coat, bathrobe type, which is closed with a tie belt, cheap jackets online uk or kastig cut model with broad shoulders.” Little a woman can be wrong this type of coat: A tailored model with greater descent visually stretches the silhouette. And: “If he is not too long, even delicate women can wear this coat type”, says style consultant Katharina Starlay from Moncler.

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Currently patterned coats, just with diamonds are popular. “You can see especially Prince of Wales check now again more frequently, in classic colors such as black and white as well as in stained”, Lake Mountain reported. These are a kind of double diamonds. moncler outlet uk store, A plaid pattern is overlaid by a further check. It is important – as also with any of the following types of coat – the pattern so to choose to match the type of figure. “Tall women can significantly better wear generous pattern than smaller people with some extra body weight”, explains Starlay.

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The happy – the coat with the fake for: “The fake fur is out of fashion this year not to imagine,” the reported Stylist in Maria Hans from Hamburg. The so-called fake for there is often in the Leopard pattern – “this is actually already a classic,” is Hans. It is also used in bright colours, about in red, sky blue or even Turquoise. moncler online shop fake, Those who opt for such a model should be restrained for the rest of his outfit color, otherwise it works fast like in the colorful plumage of a parrot. And: fake is voluminous, it is so, explains Starley.